10.1. How to contribute

10.1.1. We sincerely appreciate your contributions and welcome to submit code through GitHub, Gitee’s fork and Pull Request process

You can contribute to PikaPython:

If you are new to the open source community, it is recommended to refer to Open Source Guide guide to learn how to participate in the code contribution of the open source community.

10.1.2. It is not only by contributing code to participate in community contributions you can also:

  • use PikaPython in company products, personal projects or competitions;

  • present your work, ask or answer questions in the PikaPython Forum;

  • Submit an issue and report bugs to PikaPython at GitHub or Gitee;

  • Participate in community activities and B station live broadcast;

  • Purchase Development Board - Pika Pie officially supported by PikaPython ;

  • Invite the author to drink the ice; _images/157708657-34c2ee18-eb24-404b-9fd0-78489c7b6095.jpg