13. Business cooperation

13.1. General

  1. The PikaPython open source project abides by the MIT Open Source License.

13.2. Source code usage

  1. The use of the source code follows the MIT agreement, no additional authorization is required.

  2. When using the PikaPython source code, must not have any behavior or intention beyond the MIT open source agreement.

13.3. Custom Development Services

  1. Customized development services include: development board adaptation, driver development, desktop software development, server software development, circuit board design, product design, etc.

  2. Custom development services Negotiated fees based on labor volume, and:

    1. Must sign labor contract.

    2. Requirements document must be provided

    3. The purchaser must be a valid legal person.

    4. The deposit must be no less than 50%.

    5. Documentation, maintenance, technical support service fees are negotiable and must be signed** independent contracts, not included in custom development services. **

  3. The source code, documents, design drawings and other copyrights that have been disclosed in the PikaPython code repository still belong to the PikaPython project team.

  4. The copyright of the custom development part belongs to the service purchaser, and the purchaser completely decides whether to open source, and how to use it.

13.4. product marketing

PikaPython-based products (development boards, modules, kits, etc.) can be promoted on the PikaPython project homepage, manual, website, etc. Charges are charged according to the promotion time/form, and new products can apply for a period of free promotion.

13.5. Training Services

  1. The training service is negotiated and charged according to the working time, work content and expected effect, and:

    1. Must sign a labor contract.

    2. Party A must be a valid legal person.

    3. The deposit must be no less than 30%.

    4. After the training service period ends, technical support will no longer be provided.